Site customisation and targeting of adverts

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We use the data you give us about yourself to build up a picture of your interests - we then try to ensure that when you visit the site, you don’t miss the offers and information relevant to you.      

 We and our reputable third-party companies will collect Site usage information about visitors to our Site for the purposes of statistical analysis, sales and marketing research, tracking page usage and paths used by visitors through our site, targeting the site content, targeting our marketing campaigns and direct marketing emails, targeting our Internet banner advertisements on our Site and on other Sites and tracking use of our Internet banner advertisements and other links from our marketing partners’ Sites to our Site. For this purpose, we and our third-party companies note information on the path you take to get to our site, and on some of the pages, you visit on our Site (including, for example, the options you select and the search terms you use) using cookies. We may also combine this web usage data with other information we have collected about you, we store this information so that we have a better and more specific understanding of the way customers are using our site and their preferences and interests. We may use it to undertake sales and marketing research and to tailor our site, our marketing campaigns and email communications specifically to you, and your recent activity on our site. 

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