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The MHD Playlist sharing feature and MHD shared work feature is a social service that offers the ability for members to, enjoy, and share content. We encourage you to take advantage of these social features, as with others on the Service.

Your name and/or username, profile picture, and your MHD user profile will always be publicly available.

Playlists and images that are shared are made publicly available by default. If you create a playlist and then share the playlist your MHD profile will be publicly displayed, which means that it may also be displayed publicly in third-party search engine results and may appear together with other public profile information, such as your picture and name and/or username.

Please remember that certain information is always publicly available, which means that it can be accessed by Third Party Applications through our APIs and developer tools. Based on your permissions, some additional information can be shared with Third Party Applications and with others through Third Party Applications. Similarly, you may consent to provide Third Party Applications with access to your email address, subscription status, location, birthday, or similar information, upon their request.

We may use your public information to promote the Service and to help others find and follow you and/or your MHD shared work. Your information may be used to notify others, including within the Service, via email, and through Facebook and Third Party Applications, about your use of the Service (e.g., that you have joined MHD or activity related to an MHD profile, such as adding or removing videos from a playlist).

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